Quality Assurance

Independent 3rd party QA is invaluable if you don't have an office here or can't come and do the regular QC yourself. Since SRI already has an on-the-ground professional QA team, we can provide you with standardized and localized QA services for all your Chinese production. Our team of QA has college degrees and more than 10 years of QA experience in plastics, wood, crafts, electronics, toys, clothing, and furniture.

SRI's QA standards are higher than industry standards and our QA team creates specific project QC check lists (example: Craft Pack Check List) for each project.

SRI's QA team can work on a per-project basis, dedicating full-time people to specific projects for weeks at a time, or on a random or spot check basis for a day or two on projects that are already in production. Customized QA service means that you get the assurance you need when you need it.

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