Quality Assurance: Sample Craft Pack Checklist

Quality assurance is all about details. As such, itemized, specific checklists are used to ensure that the final product meets or exceeds QA specifications. Below is a sample checklist for general craft items:

Approved Date:
Approved Time:
Approved Item:
Item 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Item 5Comments
Printed Cards
Clean, no ink spots
Consistent colors between cards
No printing mistakes
Numbers match front/back
Numbers match color of buttons
Clean edges
Clean hole
Card hole and bag hole match
No halos
Poly Bags
Clean edges
Clean hole
Straight tape
Bag hole and card hole match
PVC Insert Cards
Correct size
Clean edges
Film removed
No glue
Consistent color
Correct order
Correct number of pieces
Straight lines-vertical
Straight lines-horizontal
Upright letters
Right-side up letters
Correct size
Shipping Packaging
Box quality
Inner bags
Inner bag labels
Box printing marks
How deep to stack rows in boxes
Direction of packing inner bags (vertical, horizontal lie)
Separation of layers in boxes
Partial box packing – spacers?

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