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1. Submit a Project Questionnaire (PQ) form. This document will assist you in considering many of the details related to the product you wish to create. Click here to fill out the PQ form online. Or you can click here to download the PDF version.

  • Can you describe the product and the packaging quickly and simply to someone who doesn't already know what you are talking about? This is a good position to take as you fill out the PQ.
  • Will the product require customized equipment for production (e.g. molds)?
  • What quantity of product will be ordered if the price is right? Are there different price points for different end distributors (mom & pop stores vs. box stores like Wal-Mart/Target/Michaels/Home Depot)?
  • How will the product be packaged for distribution to your customers? Do you have all of your box store or television packaging (QVC/HSN) requirements?
  • When do you need the product delivered? This may already be determined by your distributor – make sure that you schedule enough time to receive and ship out of your own warehouse if you are not drop shipping directly from China.
  • What is the reasonable life of the product? How many reorders do you think you'll be doing? If you can plan ahead you can save money on production costs and shipping.
2. Once SRI has the PQ we can go to work! SRI will review the PQ and begin sourcing it (usually within 48 hours of receiving the PQ), seeking the right factory to manufacture your product. If clarification is needed, SRI will contact you for additional information. HEADS UP! More information is always better. Some of the biggest delays in the Development stage come from information that is needed from the client but not originally included in the PQ.

3. Receive SRI proposal. SRI will submit a proposal to you indicating price, lead-time, molds and production details and delivery options.

4. Once all the details are agreed up you can sign a sales order (SO) or issues a purchase order (PO) and pay a deposit.

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