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Now that product is completed you need it to arrive at a specific place, and usually before a specific date. An important factor to consider before you start production is how you want your product shipped. Your choice will affect the total cost and timing of delivery. Costs and times vary depending on shipping method: courier service, air freight or surface freight. Courier services like DHL, UPS or FedEx are the fastest, but most expensive. These services are great for small shipments (up to 250 lbs.) or samples that need to get to the U.S. quickly. Prices depend on the weight and dimensions of goods shipped and times typically range from 2 to 5 days. Air freight typically takes 6 - 10 days door to door and will cost about 25% to 50% of your total order price. Sea or surface freight takes about 4 weeks door to door, depending on destination, and will typically cost 12% of your total order price. Prices are seasonal and change often.

Some clients consolidate shipments with a single freight forwarder in China to save money. Some have their own trucks in the US that can pick up product in Long Beach and deliver (typically more) quickly and directly to the client. SRI can help you ship door to door, but cannot guarantee a set number of days for trans-pacific delivery.

All SRI bids are FOB China – that means we'll commit to getting your production onto a ship in a port in China by a specified time. Shipping schedules, destinations, the market season, individual freight forwarders, US and Chinese Customs and even the weather will affect your delivery time. SRI cannot control any of these factors. For a full explanation of shipping terms, please refer to the following website about Inco terms:

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