The SRI Advantage

SRI's greatest advantage is having offices in Asia staffed with international professionals fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, and English. SRI's owners and employees speak the local languages, understand local customs and have been working in Asia for years. Because of our proximity to the actual sites of production, SRI can be discussing your project with our network of factories within a matter of days. We answer production questions and resolve issues onsite and in the language spoken by the factories' engineers.

Large Factory Network
Another of SRI's advantages is our long term relationships with hundreds of factories in a wide variety of industries and multiple countries. This makes SRI's production capacity virtually unlimited! Our extensive network also ensures that SRI can match your project with the factory that is best suited for your specific production needs. SRI's network of factories and onsite project management means that your projects get done faster and for less money.

Avoid Problems and Delays
Having face to face meetings with engineers at factories improves communications, increases quality, lowers prices and eliminates surprises – surprises are always bad! It's our experience that SRI gets more accurate and timely information from engineers than from factory sales staff. Direct communication reduces errors that lead to delays that push projects over budget and over time.

Save Money
Companies that try to work directly with Asian factories are often given prices higher than prices quoted than SRI! Why? First, it's customary for Asian factories to quote higher prices to "foreign" customers.SRI avoids the "foreign" prices by negotiating all prices directly with the factory in the local language and currency. Second, US companies often (mistakenly) believe they are working directly with a factory when they are actually working with a trading company that is buying product and marking it up. Some trading companies market themselves as "the factory" but still charge higher prices to cover expenses of having an office in Hong Kong. SRI gets the lowest prices and best quality possible by bidding out projects to multiple factories in and out of our network.

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