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A majority of SRI's business comes from clients that have Original Design projects that are manufactured in Asia. U.S. companies that try to manage their own projects in Asia often find it to be a frustrating experience with disappointing results. A single trip to Asia costs thousands of dollars and likely won't produce bids from multiple factories in multiple countries. Additionally, there are significant language, cultural and technical barriers that simply cannot be overcome in English via email, fax, or phone.

Because SRI is on the ground in Asia full-time, speaking with factories in their language, it can save your company time and money. Having face-to-face meetings with factories improves communication, increases quality, lowers price, speeds up the process, and eliminates surprises. (Surprises are always bad.) Having offices in Asia allows SRI to solve problems in hours, not days, eliminating miscommunications and delays that push projects over budget and over time. Customers that have gone directly to Asian factories have been quoted prices higher than what SRI offered!

SRI's greatest advantage is having its own offices in Asia. Within two hours of SRI's China and Thailand offices are thousands of specialized factories. SRI works with many different factories in different industries to ensure that you get the best factory at the best prices. Huge production capacity, low-cost labor and SRI's connections and local experience means your projects get done faster and for less money.

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We work and live in these cultures full-time. SRI will represent you to factories in person and protect your interests. SRI has owners and employees who speak the language and understand the local customs in Asia. SRI also has developed long-term relationships with factories. This means that our extensive network and on-site project management work together to get your project done faster and for less money.

SRI can deliver bulk or packaged, ready-to-sell products. We can take care of all aspects of finished packaging including printing, PVC containers, clam packs, blister packs, poly bags and custom packaging designed by the customer. SRI will deliver quality samples for tradeshows and low-cost finished goods to your door.

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