About SRI

Silk Road International (SRI) is an international consulting company that helps clients work to solve problems and overcome cultural issues that often attend transnational business. Focusing on cross-cultural understandings and communications as a basis for resolving the sources of conflicts, SRI’s philosophy is that the recognition of culturally based motivations  allows for both a deeper appreciation of similarities and better understanding of differences. Cultural evaluations and audits centering on the daily habits of individuals informs SRI’s behavior-centered solutions.

David Dayton is the owner of and lead consultant for SRI.  David has over twenty-five years of experience working in and studying Asia.  David has lived and worked in Thailand, Taiwan, and Mainland China, and has also assisted companies working in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and South Korea.

David has presented to thousands of people for Global Sources’ New Buyer Training seminars in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Dubai.  He has also spoken for Global Sources’ Supplier Education program and for the Metering China Xi’An Sourcing Show.  David has been published in Euro Biz magazine, Right Sight Asia, Garden International and other trade publications and on numerous sites online including the China Economic Review, the New Zealand government’s international trade information website and China Success Stories.  He has been interviewed by the BBC, CBS 60 Minutes, The AP, the CBS Evening News, the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council and by NPR on China related issues.  His blog postings have been featured on the WSJ China blog “best of” lists.  David is also a founding member of the China Sourcing Information Center and was the original lead editor of  China Sourcer magazine.

David is currently doing research for his Doctoral Dissertation on Transnational Chinese Corporate Culture. He also has an MA in Southeast Asian Cultural Anthropology, focusing on Thai Corporate Culture, an MA in Asian Studies, focusing on Religious Practices in Thai an Chinese Urban Spaces, and a BA in International Relations and East Asian History.  David has worked as a consultant, manager, trainer and translator on both sides of the Pacific and he is fluent in both Thai and Mandarin.

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