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Article Pass-along

Two excellent articles on China from other sites.

First, China in the context of the world’s melt down–it’s not only not going to save the world, it’s probably going to make it worse. This is a great piece–if you don’t read any of the others, read this.

Second, Guangdong province in the context of the current political and economic directives from Beijing–basically, “Beijing is far away and we have our own problems to worry about.”

And a couple other pieces from The Economist.  First, China’s future.  And then the paradox of staffing shortages in a era of factory closings.


T-Day Updates:

A really good look at the political implications of the EU Chinese relationship.

A mixed take on who will be hurt more by the slowdown, the East Coast or the West of China.

And the compete diseaster that currently is Thai politics.  Regardless of the PAD’s motives or agenda, this current occupation of the airport(s) is doing more damage to Thailand’s economy and to the PAD’s own support than hope-for coup will ever help.  Basics about the conflict and an airport updateBreaking news at the BKK Post too.